Speak Like An Expert (Corporate)

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What happened when Daisuke Kai, Tax Consultant of Tokyo Zeikei, improved his presentation skills?

He doubled his clients from 50 at the beginning of the year to 100. 

He got results for his company and increased his confidence and work satisfaction. 

As an employee, of course, you need to know all about your company, the business, and especially your department. But how you communicate about these is crucial.

Whether you’re presenting to a potential client, proposing an idea at a team meeting, talking with senior leaders, speaking at an industry conference, or simply networking, I can help you communicate with clarity and confidence and feel more fulfilled in your workplace.

I’ve seen many company employees speak in meetings, in front of clients, or at conferences and give dull presentations. They’re smart and talented people, but they were never taught how to prepare and deliver a presentation. They don’t know how to analyze their audience, structure their message, use their body language and voice effectively, or create compelling slides, even though these skills can be learned and practiced in under two weeks. 

I love to see people gain the skills - and confidence - to communicate better and enjoy greater success and happiness in business.

That’s why I created the Speak Like An Expert course and tailored it for employees in the global workplace.

Because when you have the opportunity to deliver your business’s message, I want you to feel confident and make a positive impression, regardless of whether you’re a native speaker of English. 

What you’ll learn in Speak Like An Expert

  • How to analyze your audience, so that you can deliver your message in a way that’s memorable and compelling 
  • How to structure your presentation to make it easy for your audience to understand (and for you to remember!) 
  • How to make the most of your body language to keep everyone engaged 
  • How to use your voice to get your point across 
  • How to design PowerPoint or other material that supports your message and doesn’t distract your audience 
  • How to recover fast if you forget what to say next (this has happened to me, and I survived!) 
  • How to get plenty of rehearsal time even with a hectic schedule  


And as a bonus, I’ll give you my checklist for confirming you have everything you need for the venue and equipment. You don’t want logistics to let you down after you’ve prepared so hard for your presentation.

Past participants of Speak Like An Expert have said... 

"The Speak Like An Expert materials are very high quality. I found I could learn through the videos in two ways. Not only do the videos explain the content of how to plan and give presentations, but they are also an actual example of how to deliver clear, compelling presentations. The workbooks are very comprehensive. They contain so much of the content from the videos that I didn't have to take many notes and could easily refer back to them." 

- Takuya Akiba, Researcher, Preferred Networks, Inc.

"I had an opportunity to give a short presentation after winning the best paper award of a scientific journal, and thanks to your presentation skills class, many people mentioned that my talk was clear and easily understandable. And, in just the past six months, I've had several opportunities to give presentations in English and I was able to effectively prepare content for all of them. Before I was never sure if my presentations were understood or what others thought about it, so I know your class made a good impact."

- Dr. Chizu Sekine, Associate Officer and Senior Scientist, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

"Thanks to what I learned, when I presented at a global conference I wasn't nervous at all. Rather, I enjoyed the interaction with the audience. I got lots of positive feedback from my colleagues, too."

- Yasushi Maruyama, Partner, Egon Zehnder

"Before working with Helen, it was difficult for me to efficiently and confidently put presentations together. Thanks to the skills I’ve learned and the simple frameworks she teaches, my presentations are more concise and focused on the client. As a result, clients recommend our services more often to their friends and neighborhoods, which means the number of new clients has gradually increased."

- Y. Mori, Tax Accountant


"Before taking her course, I had difficulties in organizing my speech. I also didn't know how to remember my whole presentation. But after taking her course, I could organize my presentations really well using the Who? What? Why? How? and Wow! structure. I could remember my presentation because she gave us a lot of tips in order to overcome the difficulty, which was really good.  

What I like most about this course is that you have access to Helen. You can send her an email and she will reply. I remember sending her a message to her and getting a reply from her the same day, which was really nice. The other thing I like was that we had an opportunity to have a small group session with Helen. We had to give our presentations, and we got some feedback from Helen and the other participants. It was really worth it.  

I definitely recommend taking this course. Why? Because you will learn a lot. Your presentation skills and your communication skills will improve. So take action, and take the course."

- Milena Kanna, Foreign Language Research Institute Researcher


What if you don’t like the course?

I know it can feel risky to buy an online course (especially if you don’t know me!), so here’s what I’ll do. If you finish the course and haven’t learned the fundamentals of presentation skills, I’ll personally give you your money back. That’s a Sasuga Communications promise.

Short on time?

I know that life can be hectic as a corporate employee. So I wanted to design a course that helps you make the most of your time. This is self-study and you can go at your own pace – fast and focused or slow and steady. Investing in improving your presentation skills now will continue to pay returns over the lifetime of your business. As one of my mentors said, “It doesn’t get easier, it just gets later.” Start now. 

How the course is delivered

The course consists of five lessons that will be delivered to you via email over a series of 15 days. This way, you can break the course down into chunks, allowing you to more fully absorb and apply the information. And you have daily reminders to work on your presentation skills. Each lesson comes with a video (5-20 minutes), a full transcript, and a PDF workbook with exercises that you can print out and use for each presentation you give.

How to go through the course

After you receive the emails and lessons, you can work through them at your own pace and review them whenever you want to. And if you’re all fired up to learn and want all the resources at once, you can get them at the click of a link.

I recommend that you spend 20-30 minutes a day on this course for best results, but you can of course go slower or faster.

What about questions and feedback?

Since this is a self-study course and you don’t have me giving you feedback (although that’s something we can arrange if you’re interested!), the best way to ask questions or share what you’re learning is by joining the free Sasuga! Community Facebook group.


Who am I?

I’m Helen Iwata, president of Sasuga Communications K.K., and after I spent 17 years in corporate Japan, including 10 years at McKinsey, I know what it’s like to be an employee in the global workplace. I can see the many ways that knowing how to deliver my message in an engaging and persuasive way helped me to progress from hesitating to speak up in meetings to regularly being handed the mic because people expected me to have something to say. Quite a change!  Then, as I built my own business, those same skills helped me attract a growing number of corporate and individual clients, get a book deal with Shogakukan, be invited as a speaker at TEDxRoppongi, and land a regular column in Nikkei Style. Over the years, I made plenty of mistakes, suffered embarrassing moments, and spent a lot of time studying to learn what I know now. You can benefit as I help you to avoid these mistakes and fast track to learn the fundamentals of what it takes to present with clarity and confidence, so that you’re ready for every opportunity – whether it’s for an audience of 1 or 100.